Roxanne Schroeder-Arce

Professor. Scholar. Playwright. Director.

Roxanne Schroeder-Arce is a faculty member at the University of Texas Department of Theatre and Dance. Aside from her teaching, Professor Schroeder-Arce is a scholar, playwright and director.

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Roxanne Schroeder-Arce is a teacher, scholar, playwright and director. She joined the faculty at the University of Texas Department of Theatre and Dance in 2010 where she works with pre-service theatre teachers. Her theatre practice is integral to her pedagogy. Schroeder-Arce's bilingual plays have been presented to children and families in theatres around the United States. Her plays Señora Tortuga, Legend of the Poinsettia, Sangre de un Ángel  and Mariachi Girl are available through Dramatic Publishing. She co-authored her newest play, Yana Wana's Legend of the Bluebonnet, with María F. Rocha. The play was commissioned by and recently premiered at Dallas Children's Theatre, co-produced by Cara Mia Theatre Company. Professor Schroeder-Arce's research interests include culturally responsive theatre education and Latino/a theatre for young audiences in relation to teacher training. She has published articles in journals such as Youth Theatre Journal, TYA Today, Theatre Topics and Gestos. She has taught workshops on issues of diversity in theatre for young audiences and culturally responsive teaching artistry throughout the Americas and beyond.

As a White ally engaged in the Latinx theatre community, she serves on the board of Teatro Vivo and the steering committee of the Latinx Theatre Commons of Howlround. Professor Schroeder-Arce has also served as a board member of the American Alliance for Theatre and Education and Theatre for Young Audiences/USA. She was the U.S. representative to the NEXT program through TYA/USA and ASSITEJ. She is a cadre member of the Center for Education and the Arts and was on the committee that wrote the new Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Theatre K-12. She is active in the Texas Educational Theatre Association, the American Society for Theatre Research and the International Theatre for Young Audiences Research Network. Schroeder-Arce received the Ann Flagg Multicultural award from the American Alliance for Theatre and Education and the Higher Education Teacher of the Year Award from the Texas Educational Theatre Association.

Prior to UT, Professor Schroeder-Arce served as an assistant professor of theatre education at Emerson College in Boston and at California State University Fresno. Professor Schroeder-Arce received her M.F.A. in Drama and Theatre for Youth and Communities from the University of Texas at Austin and her B.S. degree and teaching credential from Emerson College. Prior to her college level appointments, Professor Schroeder-Arce taught high school theatre both in Laredo, Texas and in Austin. She served for several years as artistic and education director of Teatro Humanidad. A product of Upward Bound, she taught performing arts for the Keene State College Upward Bound program. Professor Schroeder-Arce has taught teachers at programs throughout the U.S. and in other countries such as Costa Rica and Switzerland. She has worked with secondary school students in numerous projects and has taught drama at multiple elementary and middle schools throughout the nation. She also served as an apprentice at the Dramashop Program at Seattle Children's Theatre.

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